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YYY Special (2020)-
YYY Special (2020) - Drama

Title: YYY Special (2020)

Genre: Comedy/Fantasy/Romance/Sitcom

Country: Thailand

YYY2 / WorldY2 / YYY Munsfinna / YYYมันส์ฟินนะ

Description :

"Nut" A young man who has lost his loved ones is "moulded" by his stubbornness and invincity for his love. He's back to thinking about himself and setting out to find love. This time, he was confident and determined to get his lover to succeed, but he didn't know if his lover would emerge to complete his mission, and this love would be sprinkled with rose petals, or that it would be filled with spikes. This time, there are also uninvited guests like the "Itaw virus" who will add obstacles and harass them. What will the love of knots and molding be like this time?

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