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Youths in the Breeze-
Youths in the Breeze - Drama

Title: Youths in the Breeze 2020

Genre: Drama/Fantasy/Friendship/Youth

Released: 2020

Country: Chinese

春风不喜是少年 / Chun Feng Bu Xi Shi Shao Nian / Spring breeze is not like a boy

Description :

The play consists of three youth stories. "He and Meow": The cat Jiang Xiaokui and his owner Jiang Qing from the cat kingdom live a happy life. Until Jiang Qing's younger brother Jiang Xia returned home. Xia, who was allergic to cats, and Jiang Xiaokui, who hated his younger brother, started a battle over sister's favor. "Full-time rival": Xu Tianyi and Li Shilin, who had been at odds for a long time, reunited during the summer sprint training. In the process of competing against each other, their misunderstanding was resolved. Just when the two worked together to enter the team, an accident happened. "The Man in the Story": Yu Sheng, a young man, accidentally discovered that he turned out to be a character in Xu Mo's novel. After learning about the tragic ending of himself and his sister, he came to the real world to fight with the writer in an attempt to change his destiny.

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