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Young Jae's Golden Days (2005)-
Young Jae's Golden Days (2005) - Drama

Title: Young Jae's Golden Days (2005) 2005

Genre: Comedy/Romance

Released: 2005

Country: Korean

Yeongjaeeui Jeonseongshidae / 영재의 전성시대

Description :

A story about a woman who has an unimportant job now but in the future wishes to be one of the best lighting designers! We are about to present to you a commendable working woman of today through a success story of an older single woman who struggles to succeed through a fight with time and whose ability is always underestimated. People say that society today is becoming a better place for women to work and live in, yet it still circles around men. We are about to draw dramatically how women with great abilities thrive to survive and the joys and sorrows that accompany such intense experiences. --

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