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You Shine in the Moonlit Night-
You Shine in the Moonlit Night - Movie

Title: You Shine in the Moonlit Night 2019

Genre: Drama/Fantasy/Romance/School/Youth

Released: 2019

Country: Japanese

君は月夜に光り輝く / Kimi wa Tsukiyo ni Hikari Kagayaku / KimiTsuki / Kimi wa Tsukiyo ni Hikarikagayaku / You Shine in the Moonlight

Description :

Takuya Okada is a high school student. He visits his classmate Mamizu Watarase in the hospital. Mamizu Watarase suffers from the mysterious ailment “Luminescence disease.” People who have the disease show a faint sparkle under the moonlight and the sparkle gets brighter as their death gets closer. Mamizu Watarase is not allowed out of the hospital and she will not live long enough to become an adult. Takuya Okada offers to help her carry out her wishes before she passes away. He also tells her how he feels about her, but Mamizu Watarase’s death is approaching.

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