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Yagyu Renyasai's Secret Moonlight Chronicle-
Yagyu Renyasai's Secret Moonlight Chronicle - Movie

Title: Yagyu Renyasai's Secret Moonlight Chronicle 1956

Genre: Action/Drama/Jidai Geki

Released: 1956

Country: Japanese

Description :

It is brother against brother in this tale of love and betrayal within the famed Yagyu clan. In one of their earliest films together, superstars Ichikawa Raizo and Katsu Shintaro are magnificent as the two finest young swordsmen in the clan. As they vie for the hand of a beautiful woman their loyalty comes into question during an attack on their lord. When one of them masters the secret technique taught to him by Miyamoto Musashi, it leads to bloody violence that can tear the clan apart! Filled with superb swordplay this rare classic is not to be missed!

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