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Wung Nam Karng (2009)-
Wung Nam Karng (2009) - Drama

Title: Wung Nam Karng (2009) 2009

Genre: Mystery/Romance/Supernatural

Released: 2009

Country: Thailand

The Mysterious Mansion / Warng Narm Karng / Dew Palace

Description :

The story is set in an eerie castle near the beach. Banleu owns the castle, Tanon is his son. Rattikan is Banleu’s adopted daughter. He married Rattikan’s mother when she was 2 months pregnant with another man’s child. Tanon never saw Rattikan when they were young, he spent most of his life studying at a boarding school in Bangkok. As an adult, he moved to the US to study. When he returns to Dew Palace after 20 odd years, his father wants him to take over the family business, and to be the master of “Dew Palace”, and also to marry Rattikan. One problem, Tanon doesn’t want any of it. He is engage to Kathy and wants to return to America. Plus, “Dew Palace” is one creepy place, it’s haunted by Lamphao (Rattikan’s decease mother) and another spirit, Tanon’s mother. (credit to iheartlakorns)

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