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Wisdom Tooth (2020)-
Wisdom Tooth (2020) - Movie

Title: Wisdom Tooth (2020) 2020

Genre: Drama/Thriller

Released: 2020

Country: Chinese

日光之下 / Ri Guang Zhi Xia / Зуб мудрости

Description :

Gu Xi struggles with keeping her maid job at a hotel because of undocumented citizenship status. Her brother, Gu Liang, is a fisherman and the breadwinner in the family, their parents died in the indeterminately distant past. When an oil leak contaminates the shore and kills all the fish of the season, the siblings lose their main source of income. They accidentally meet and make friends with Qing Chang, the daughter of Gu Xi's boss. Her father is willing to give Gu Liang, now a friend of the family, a job, but the legality of some of the tasks he is given is pretty suspicious. Emotions between the three young protagonists are running high when Qing Chang and Gu Liang become a couple, and Gu Xi starts having serious doubts about her origins.

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