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Who's The Hero?-
Who's The Hero? - Drama

Title: Who's The Hero? 2010

Genre: Drama

Released: 2010

Country: Hong Kong

胜者为王 / The Winner is King

Description :

In Macao Casino, two couples, Fu Xiao Bo and Li Qiu Xia, who worked as dealers, find an abandoned baby in the casino, so they took him and brought him home to raise him. They named him Fu Jin Bao. Jin Bao inherited an outstanding gambling talent since childhood, he often went to casinos and indulging in gambling. In order to keep Jin Bao away from gambling, the couple decided to resign from the casino and let him grow up healthily. The grown-up Jin Bao has followed the instructions of both parents to stay away from gambling and live a routine life. He fell in love with Tong Hua Shun, a childhood sweetheart.

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