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When We Write Love Story (2020)-
When We Write Love Story (2020) - Entertainment

Title: When We Write Love Story (2020)

Genre: Variety show

Country: Chinese

Meet You in a Parallel Universe / Ping Xing Shi Kong Yu Jian Ni / Peng Haang Si Hung Yu Gin Nei / 平行時空遇見你 / Meet you in paral

Description :

In a reality show like no other, six stars come together in a parallel time and space to delight audiences of all ages. Pairing off into teams, Li Yi Tong, Ian Wang, Qin Lan, Jasper Liu, Yang Chaoyue, and Hou Ming Hao are challenged to not only write an idol drama love story, but also bring that story to life. Working as screenwriters, directors, and actors, the three teams must compete against each other to create an original love story that captures the hearts of viewers the world over. Are these stars up to the task or will the challenges of such a unique concept prove to be too much?

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