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What a Wonderful Family! 2-
What a Wonderful Family! 2 - Movie

Title: What a Wonderful Family! 2 2017

Genre: Comedy/Family

Released: 2017

Country: Japanese

家族はつらいよ2 / 家族はつらいよII / Azoku Wa Tsurai YoII / Azoku Wa Tsurai Yo 2 / It's Tough Being a Family 2 / It's Tough Being a Family II

Description :

Several years after Shuzo settled his wife’s birthday-surprise divorce proposal (What a Wonderful Family, 40th), the Hirata family faces new problems. Ignoring his family’s worry that he is too old to drive, Shuzo takes his old schoolmate for a spin after carousing. Soon, a new disturbance arises for the Hirata family. Veteran director Yamada Yoji continues his comedy about the “perfect“ Japanese family turned upside down in chaos, laughters and understanding. This time, with an additional taste of death.

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