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Welcome (2014)-왓니껴
Welcome (2014) - Movie

Title: 왓니껴(Welcome (2014), Movie, 2014)

Genre: Drama/life

Released: 2014

Country: Korean

왓니껴 / Wan Ni Kkyeo

Description :

One day, Hye Sook is tricked by her mother into visiting her hometown. When she finds out that her mother is fine and tries to leave for Seoul, she hears about the passing of Taek Gyoo's father. After the funeral, Hye Sook plans to return to the city. Gi Ju, a struggling writer, tries to drown himself at Andong lake but Taek Gyoo saves him. Hye Sook used to draw for Gi Ju's writings when they were young. The two were each other's first love and through the reunion, they are about to rekindle their old romance.

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