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 Wars of In-Laws 1 (2005)-
Wars of In-Laws 1 (2005) - Drama

Title: Wars of In-Laws 1 (2005) 2015

Genre: Ancient wuxia fantasy (RPG)/Comedy/Historical/Romance

Released: 2015

Country: Chinese


Description :

Tin Lik (Myolie Wu) is the daughter of a bandit and she married into the Ling family by coincidence. When she was escaping from guards, she fled to the vehicle that was going to transport the bride. But the real bride had already eloped with another man. Therefore, in order to escape from the guards, Tin Lik had to be the imposer. Tin Lik's mother-in-law, Hei Tap-Lap (Liza Wang), is very barbaric. They always argue with each other and Tin Lik's husband, Ning Mao-Chun (Bosco Wong), always gets caught in the crossfire. He has to please his mother and wife at the same time.

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