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Unforgettable Love (2021)-
Unforgettable Love (2021) - Drama

Title: Unforgettable Love (2021) 2021

Genre: Cold Man/Contract Relationship/Drama/Novel/Romance

Released: 2021

Country: Chinese

贺先生的恋恋不忘 / 賀先生的戀戀不忘 / He Xian Sheng De Lian Lian Bu Wang / Ho Sin Saang Di Lyun Lyun Bat Mong / Mr. He's Love Don't Forget / The Unforgettable Love of Mr. He.

Description :

The drama revolves around He Qiao Yan, CEO of Heshi Group, and Qin Yi Yue, a child psychologist. It tells the story of a rational and indifferent man and a soft, optimistic, considerate, and meticulous psychologist, whose relationship develops from acquaintance to love.

Adapted from the web novel "Mr He's Love is Not Forgotten" by Qin Ye.

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