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Ultraman Max-
Ultraman Max - Drama

Title: Ultraman Max 2005

Genre: Action/Fantasy/Martial Arts/Tokusatsu

Released: 2005

Country: Japanese

Urutoraman Makkusu / ウルトラマンマックス

Description :

The world is at peace, and people are enjoying a quiet and serene existence until monsters begin attacking! The UDF (United Defense Force) dispatches Team DASH (Defense Action Squad Heroes) from Base Titan in Tokyo Bay, to confront the rampaging beasts! DASH member Mizuki Koishikawa’s jet, Dash Bird One, crashes after it is downed by the monster Ragorath. Kaito Toma, who is a civil service volunteer, but aspires to be a member of DASH, pulls her from the jet and takes the controls and goes after the monster himself. He loses control of the jet while in battle and is saved by a mysterious giant. Given the Max Spark, Kaito is able to change into Ultraman Max to challenge the monsters and aliens that threaten the Earth!

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