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Two Thumbs Up-
Two Thumbs Up - Movie

Title: Two Thumbs Up 2015

Genre: Action/Drama

Released: 2015

Country: Hong Kong

Description :

Big F, who‘s just gotten out of prison, wastes no time in tracking down his old comrades, picking up bowling alley employee Crazy B, back-alley hairstylist Johnny T and mechanic East L in quick succession. As it turns out, Big F wants to rob a truck transporting dirty money across the Mainland-Hong Kong border, and to do that, the gang‘s got to pose as police officers. On the day of the heist, the men set off in their minibus-turned-police-vehicle dressed as cops and armed with BB guns. What they don‘t know is that another group of criminals also has its sights set on the truck – and those people have AK-47s.

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