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Twilight Saya in Sasara-
Twilight Saya in Sasara - Movie

Title: Twilight Saya in Sasara 2014

Genre: Drama/Fantasy

Released: 2014

Country: Japanese

TWILIGHT ささらさや / Twilight Sasara Saya

Description :

Saya (Yui Aragaki) is a young widow mother. Her husband Yutaro (Yo Oizumi) died in an accident. Yutaro abandoned his wealthy family to marry Saya. To protect her baby, she goes to the town of Sasara where her aunt lived. Her aunt passed her house down to Saya. Saya and her baby settles down there, but she has difficulties dealing with her situation. At this time, her dead husband Yutaro borrows other people's bodies to help Saya, but Yutaro's family tries to take her baby away.

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