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Tsumetai Tsuki (1998)-
Tsumetai Tsuki (1998) - Drama

Title: Tsumetai Tsuki (1998) 1998

Genre: Mystery/Psychological/Romance/Thriller

Released: 1998

Country: Japanese


Description :

Kiyoka Shiina has a successful life : surgeon, happily married and pregnant. Misaki Morishita has a happy life too : she works as an interpreter, married and pregnant.One night, Kohei, Kiyoka's husband, hurts a woman with his car and runs away. However, he doesn't know that Misaki saw what happened. Kiyoka notices that something is wrong in his husband's attitude. When she knows what happened, she decides to destroy his husband's car not to have any proof of the accident anymore.But Misaki goes to the polcie station to tell what she saw... And here begins Kiyoka's nightmare, who will make everything she can to take her revenge on the woman who destroyed her whole life.

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