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Trot Is Life (2022)-트로트는 인생이다
Trot Is Life (2022) - Movie

Title: 트로트는 인생이다(Trot Is Life (2022), Movie, 2022)

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Released: 2022

Country: Korean

트로트는 인생이다 / Teu Ro Teu Neun in Saeng i Da

Description :

Trot singers Shinhwa have a lot of worries. No matter how many times they work and release a new song, the world only discovers trot singers from Mr. Trot or Miss Trot, but there is no place for their group Shinhwa.

Kyeong-jin, a member of Shinhwa, decided that it should not happen, tries to create a new trot hybrid group that fits the modern times by expanding, adding new members with good visuals.

Meanwhile, Ji-won, who was preparing to become an idol singer for God's Dream has been a trainee for 6 years. Now, she is the oldest in the group and is being under the spotlight of her younger members.

One day, in her hard life as a trainee, the head of the agency calls for support and offers her a position as an academy instructor, saying, "Wouldn't it be better to give up your dreams and teach your juniors instead?" Ji-won, who was worried about her dream and reality, stops by a regular bar in pain. There, she had a fateful meeting with the group Shinhwa.

"Trot Is Life" a comedy drama about the group Shinhwa and an aspiring idol Ji-won who don't seem to go together at all is just getting started.

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