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Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro (2020)-
Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro (2020) - Movie

Title: Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro (2020) 2020

Genre: Comedy/Music

Released: 2020

Country: Japanese

Tonkatsu DJ Age-Taro

Description :

Agetaro Katsumata’s family runs a tonkatsu (pork cutlet) restaurant in Shibuya, Tokyo. Agetaro Katsumata will inherit the restaurant one day and he currently performs menial jobs at the restaurant, like chopping up the cabbage and delivering food orders. He isn't happy with his work. One day, Agetaro Katsumata delivers tonkatsu to the staff at a nightclub. There, he becomes fascinated with DJing. He sees a lot of similarity between tonkatsu and DJing. Agetaro Katsumata makes the decision to become Tonkatsu DJ.

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