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Tokkai: Furyousaiken Tokubetsu Kaishubu-
Tokkai: Furyousaiken Tokubetsu Kaishubu - Drama

Title: Tokkai: Furyousaiken Tokubetsu Kaishubu 2021

Genre: Drama

Released: 2021

Country: Japanese

トッカイ ~不良債権特別回収部~ / Tokkai: Non-performing Loans Special Collection Department

Description :

In 1996, after the collapse of Japan's asset price bubble, Shibasaki Akira works in the loan department for the Yotsubashi branch office of Aoba Bank. One day, he is sent to work at a government-run company, which is a housing financial bond management organization. The company was formed to collect non-performing loans from bankrupt housing loan companies. Workers from different banks, including Akira and ex-employees from housing loan companies, gather at the government-run company. They stand up against vicious debtors and struggle to protect the taxpayers' money. (Source: AsianWiki)~~ Adapted from the novel "Tokkai: Bubble no Kaijin wo Oitsumeta Otokotachi" by Hidetoshi Kiyotake.



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