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Three Yakuza AKA Matatabi sannin yakuza-
Three Yakuza AKA Matatabi sannin yakuza - Movie

Title: Three Yakuza AKA Matatabi sannin yakuza 1965

Genre: Jidai Geki

Released: 1965

Country: Japanese

Description :

This is the tale of three Yakuza gamblers who traveled Japan during the samurai era living by their wits and sword skills. Told in 3 separate vignettes, each part tells the story of a different drifter’s life. This is a superb film, with great action complemented by gripping stories. Part 1: Starring Nakadai Tatsuya is the story of a man on the run after killing 2 Hasshu Officials to avenge his Boss. He must make a life or death decision as he is asked toprotect a gang from attack.Part 2: Starring Matsukata Hiroki and Shimura Takashi as a pair of gamblers chased out of a crooked game who must fight not only their pursuers, but the ghosts of their pasts as well.Part 3: Starring Nakamura Kinnosuke as a wanderer who wants to live according to the Yakuza Code, but is not sure that he can do so when asked to save a town from an evil official.

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