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The Sword Of Many Loves-
The Sword Of Many Loves - Movie

Title: The Sword Of Many Loves 1993

Genre: Martial Arts/Wuxia

Released: 1993

Country: Hong Kong

Description :

"The young and debonair Hu is a skilled swordsman without a care in the world. Feng is a master of swords who uses his skill for power money and lust. They are destined to cross swords when Hu becomes romantically involved with Feng's illegitimate daughter." - Tai Seng Catalogue Based on the same Jin Yong story that yielded LEGEND OF THE FOX and NEW TALES OF THE FLYING FOX from Shaw Brothers. Hu Fei (Flying Fox) gets involved in the rivalries and intrigues of the Poison Clan, and much madness (and weird poisoning) ensues.

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