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The Sweet Blood (2021)-달달한그놈
The Sweet Blood (2021) - Drama

Title: 달달한그놈(The Sweet Blood (2021), Drama, 2021)

Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Vampire/Web Series

Released: 2021

Country: Korean

달달한 그놈 / 달달한그놈 / Daldalhan Geu Nom / Daldarhan Keu Nom

Description :

A fantasy romance story between Yeon seo, a high school girl who has to graduate from high school safely. Yeon seo is a half-vampire who has lived 118 years. Born between a human mother and a vampire father, she has a natural beauty, and vampire abilities but desire to live an ordinary human life.

Adapted from the webtoon "The Sweet Girl" (달달한그녀) by writer S and illustrator Nal Chi (날치).

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