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The Storm of the World (2021)-
The Storm of the World (2021) - Drama

Title: The Storm of the World (2021) 2021

Genre: Fantasy/Historical/Mystery/Romance/Suspense/Web Series

Released: 2021

Country: Chinese

玉昭令 / Yu Zhao Ling

Description :

A story that follows an upright goddess and a constable with a cold exterior who join hands to solve crime and find love along the way.

During the Song Dynasty, Bao Longtu who governs Kaifeng has become known as the new 'Bao Qingtian'. Duanmu Cui descends to the mortal realm and establishes her own sect with the intent to vanquish demonic forces who seek to harm humans. The 4th rank imperial guard Zhan Zhao receives orders to help Duanmu Cui, thus beginning their journey against ghosts in the pugilistic world.

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