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The Soul of a Warrior (2020)-
The Soul of a Warrior (2020) - Movie

Title: The Soul of a Warrior (2020) 2020

Genre: Fantasy

Released: 2020

Country: Chinese


Description :

The demon tribe has a supreme treasure called the Demon Emperor's Blood Crystal, which has been used by demon kings to wreak havoc on the earth. He steals the Blood Crystal and prepares to take it to the Heavenly Tribulation Valley to be burned. Qin Nan, a city boy, wants to become a Soul Warrior, but unfortunately he has never been able to awaken his martial spirit and has to go around cheating in order to earn money to take care of his village's young and old. On the way, Qin Nan met Xiao Qingxue by chance. During the fight, Qin Nan accidentally swallowed the blood crystal, Xiao Qingxue was unable to take it out by all means.

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