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The Season of Fate (2010)-
The Season of Fate (2010) - Drama

Title: The Season of Fate (2010) 2010

Genre: Drama/Historical

Released: 2010

Country: Hong Kong

The Five Flavors of Life / Ng Mei Yan Sang / 五味人生

Description :

The poor Lin Sheung-Chun (Esther Kwan) was sold into the Kwan family as a concubine to help pay off her father's gambling debts. However, on the night of her marriage, her husband died. Hearing her screams, Wang Yeuk-Lam (Michelle Yim), the first wife, rushes in. Seeing her husband's dead body, she assumes Sheung-Chun is the murderer and tries to stab her, hitting her head on a table in the process. Ever since, Yeuk-Lam believes that she is a young girl, and that Sheung-Chun is her mother. She has no memories of her previous life.

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