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The Return of Shim Chung-
The Return of Shim Chung - Drama

Title: The Return of Shim Chung 2007

Genre: Drama/Historical/Romance

Released: 2007

Country: Korean

The Return of Sim Cheong / Shimcheongui Gwihwan / 심청의 귀환

Description :

This drama is a retelling of the classic folk tale of Shim Chung, a girl who moved the hearts of both the gods and the King through her filial piety. In her desperation to restore the sight of her blind father, Shim Chung was tricked into sacrificing herself to the sea god. The exiled Prince Hong found her body washed up on the shore and saved her, later falling in love with her bravery and determination and deciding to risk the King's wrath at his return by aiding Chung on her quest to reach the palace and find her father.

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