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The Princess Comes Across-
The Princess Comes Across - Drama

Title: The Princess Comes Across 2019

Genre: Action/Crime/Fantasy/Historical/Investigation/Martial Arts/Mystery/Romance/Supernatural/Suspense/Wuxia

Released: 2019

Country: Chinese

Gong Zhu Jia Dao / 公主驾到

Description :

A Dali princess and her team of trusted followers end up in the business of solving mysteries after leaving the comforts of the palace..

Duan Xin Yao (Fang Yanxin) is a quirky and lovable princess from Dali who grew up with a silver spoon. After escaping from a fire in her sleeping quarters, she is forced to leave the palace to experience life among the people, thus starting a journey of fighting crime through their quest for the truth.

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