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The Prayer-
The Prayer - Drama

Title: The Prayer 2018

Genre: Drama/Romance/Suspense

Released: 2018

Country: Thailand

ด้วยแรงอธิษฐาน / Duay Rang Atitharn

Description :

Inside the shelter, Warada is hungry, cold and tired. Before she dies, she makes a strong vow that if she is born again, she will be a much stronger person and seek revenge against the people who hurt her. Then she dies.Worada was born again as Nattamon. Nattamon is a girl who has a supernatural power. She is a very strong girl, but always has nightmares. When she grows up, she finds out why she was reborn and starts to seek revenge. When she meets Krit again (he is in his 40's while Nattamon is in her 20's), she thinks that he is the person who tried to kill her. Meanwhile, Krit has been single ever since Worada died and is happy to see the woman he always loved came back.

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