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The Next Top Bang-
The Next Top Bang - Drama

Title: The Next Top Bang

Genre: Music

Country: Chinese

下一站传奇 / TNTB / TNT Bang / Zhong Guo Meng Zhi Sheng Xia Yi Zhan Chuan Qi / Xia Yi Zhan Chuan Qi / 中国梦之声・下一站传奇

Description :

The Next Top Bang is an all-around talent competition which includes singing and dancing. A total of 108 contestants are shortlisted and divided into 2 groups, boys and girls. They will be trained and coached by their respective mentors. Later on, those who don't meet the qualifications will be eliminated. Out of the two groups, there will be a MVP among them which means that they will be the winner of the show, placing first. The rest of the surviving members will debut as ALL IN (boy group) and LEGAL HIGH (girl group)

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