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The Merciless-불한당: 나쁜 놈들의 세상
The Merciless - Movie

Title: 불한당: 나쁜 놈들의 세상(The Merciless, Movie, 2017)

Genre: Action/Crime/Drama

Released: 2017

Country: Korean

불한당: 나쁜 놈들의 세상 / Boolhandang: Nabbeun Nomdeuleui Sesang / Robber: The World of Bad Guys / Robber

Description :

Jae Ho is the prisoner who makes rules and wields the most power among the inmates. Outside of prison, he was the #2 guy in a criminal gang, but he is ambitious enough to go after the #1 spot upon his release. One day, Jae Ho meets new prisoner Hyun Soo, who doesn't follow the rules of the prison and he doesn't submit to anyone.

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