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The Man's Secret-
The Man's Secret - Drama

Title: The Man's Secret 2014

Genre: Comedy/Family/Romance

Released: 2014

Country: Chinese

Seven Year Itch / Seven Years / Nan Ren De Mi Mi / Qi Nian Bu Yang / Naam Yan Di Bei Mat / Chat Nin Bat Yeung / 七年不痒 / 男人的秘密

Description :

Zhang Yang and Zhu Li An have been blissfully married for seven years, and in order to celebrate the passing of the 'seven-year-itch', the couple organized a grand event with friends and family at a hotel. They expected happiness, but trouble came knocking at the door, when Zhang Yang's ex-girlfriend showed up uninvited at the event, and his close friend and former classmate Long Dong Qiang started scheming behind his back.

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