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The Long Excuse-
The Long Excuse - Movie

Title: The Long Excuse 2016

Genre: Drama

Released: 2016

Country: Japanese

Nagai Iiwake / Long Excuses

Description :

Sachio Kinugasa (Masahiro Motoki) is a popular writer. His wife (Eri Fukatsu) of many years dies in a bus accident. Although they did not love each other, Sachio Kinugasa has to act broken-hearted. Sachio then meets the bereaved family of Yoichi Omiya (Pistol Takehara) and his two children. Yochi Omiya's wife (Keiko Horiuchi) also died in the bus accident and was friends with Sachio Kinugasa's wife. Yochi Omiya works as a truck driver and he's in despair over his wife's death. Sachio Kinugasa doesn't know why, but he offers to take care of Yochi Omiya's two children.

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