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The Light in Your Eyes-눈이 부시게
The Light in Your Eyes - Drama

Title: 눈이 부시게(The Light in Your Eyes, Drama, 2019)

Genre: Comedy/Fantasy/Romance/Time Travel

Released: 2019

Country: Korean

Nooni Booshige / 눈이 부시게 / Eyes Are Dazzling / Dazzling / Radiant

Description :

“Dazzling” will be a fantasy romance drama that centers around the concept of a break in time. It will tell the story of a 25 year old woman Kim Hye Ja (Han Ji-Min) who doesn’t get the chance to enjoy the time she has before suddenly finding herself to be an 70 year old woman. 70 year old Kim Hye Ja gains the special ability to manipulate time
Joon Ha (Nam Joo Hyuk) is a 26 year old man who wants to become a reporter. He has worked hard to achieve his dream, but he now lives his life hopelessly.

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