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The Kings of Laughter (Beshari Gurashi)-
The Kings of Laughter (Beshari Gurashi) - Drama

Title: The Kings of Laughter (Beshari Gurashi) 2019

Genre: Comedy/Drama/School

Released: 2019

Country: Japanese

學園爆笑王 / Les Rois du Rire / べしゃり暮らし

Description :

Keisuke Agatsuma is a high schooler who might not be very sharp but has an amazing sense for comedy. He is self-proclaimed school's king of laughter and he enjoys making everyone laugh, but a future as a comedian seems impossible because of his father's attitude. One day an ex-comedian Jun Tsujimoto transfers to his school from Osaka. They see how interesting ideas they both have and take an interest in forming a stand up combination. As they try to achieve their goal, other comedians seem to overlook Keisuke's abilities for one reason or another and their motivation goes up and down, but still they aim to become pro together.

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