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The Kidnappers-
The Kidnappers - Drama

Title: The Kidnappers 2019

Genre: Action/Drama/Mystery/Suspense

Released: 2019

Country: Chinese

失控 / Out of Control / 绑架者们 / Shi Kong

Description :

After being released from prison, a mysterious man roams the city, the city where he still felt warmth 3 years ago, but can only feel hatred for now. He has only two wishes left: to bury his daughter and kill the people who destroyed his life. The paths of two strangers, hematologist Li Xiao Feng (Li Li Ren) and insurance agent Ji Fan (Marc Jia), cross when they both desperately need a big sum of money. Career woman Li Ruo Nan (Eva Zhu) has a rebellious daughter, Wang Yi Han (Zhao Yun Zhuo), who hates her mother. Finally, there is Liu Ge (Liu Nan), an elite of the financial world who can’t get rid of his gangster ways and only believes in money. The lives of all these people become intertwined in a kidnapping case that will significantly change them.

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