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The Ghost Cat of Otama Pond-
The Ghost Cat of Otama Pond - Movie

Title: The Ghost Cat of Otama Pond 1960

Genre: Horror

Released: 1960

Country: Japanese

Description :

"Although somewhat inferior to Nobuo Nakagawa's black and white version of a similar story, Borei Kaibyo Yashiki, this movie makes extensive use of its color footage, especially when showing the apparitions in a ghostly green light or the pond from the title tinted red. The furry cat-ghost-woman DOES look a bit ridiculous, as do some rather cheapish superimposed images, but the marvelous cinematography and the effective score still work pretty well to create a very creepy atmosphere. All in all, another example to make you wish more of these classic Japanese ghost chillers will be released for today's western audiences."

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