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The Friends in Adriatic Sea-THE 프렌즈 in 아드리아 해
The Friends in Adriatic Sea - Entertainment

Title: THE 프렌즈 in 아드리아 해(The Friends in Adriatic Sea, Entertainment, 2018)

Genre: Friendship/Youth

Released: 2018

Country: Korean

The Adriatic Sea / Game of Thrones : GFRIEND / The Friends: Season 9 / 프렌즈 in 아드리아 해

Description :

For the past eight seasons, “The Friends” has sent some of Korea’s top celebrities on an overseas friendship travel/holiday trip! This time, Korea’s beloved female idol group GFriend sets off for an exciting journey to the Adriatic Sea, a paradise in Europe. You'll be able to see their travels to Italy and Slovenia to celebrate the 1000 days debut of their group.

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