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The Doll Master (2017)-
The Doll Master (2017) - Drama

Title: The Doll Master (2017)

Genre: Crime/Drama/Mystery/Suspense

Country: Chinese

人形师 / 重案六组 / Puppeteer / 人偶师

Description :

Actually everyone in this world is a puppet, you just can't see the string on your body. Twenty years ago, A famous psychologist, Ouyang Qiu, and his colleague also friend, Ruan Haotian, went to Dawn City to attend a secret research project. But no one knows what happened. Ouyang fell down from a building and died. Dr. Ruan also disappeared mysteriously. then the project was terminated. Twenty years later, Ouyang Qiu's son, Ouyang Yiming is grown up. He joined a SCI Team and became an agent. One day, A case of mutilation happened in Dawn City. Ouynag Yiming took the initiative to investigate it. but when he almost went to the bottom of the case, the murderer committed suicide. Ouyang decides to stay and continue his investigation. Now the Pandora's Box is going to be open...

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