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The Disaster of Centipede (2020)-
The Disaster of Centipede (2020) - Movie

Title: The Disaster of Centipede (2020) 2020

Genre: Comedy

Released: 2020

Country: Chinese


Description :

There are three stories in this film. Story one, the Tang Dynasty. The people of Ray County like to eat wild animals all day long to harm the living and kill the evil spirits, so much so that the blood and water in the meat market soaked into the ground all year round to attract 'evil things' to occupy and cannibalize their young children to harm their neighbors, the whole county was in fear. The peace of the people on one side of the river is guaranteed. The second story is about the Ming Dynasty. One day, the young master's unrepentant ways and uncontrollable waste of grain crops caused widespread discontent among the peasants, who dared not voice their anger. The third story is about the Republic of China. Mr. Yang, a tycoon, prefers sons to daughters and spoils his young son, making his daughters jealous.

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