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The Crowned Clown-왕이 된 남자
The Crowned Clown - Drama

Title: 왕이 된 남자(The Crowned Clown, Drama, 2019)

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Historical/political

Released: 2019

Country: Korean

Gwanghae / Wangyidoen Namja / Gwanghae / The Man Who Became King / Masquerade / Wangyi Doen Namja / 왕이 된 남자 / The Man Who Became King

Description :

Because of uprisings and a power struggle surrounding King Lee Hun, Joseon is in a state of disorder. To avoid assassination, a clown named Ha Sun (who looks almost identical to King Lee Hun) is brought to the palace to take the King's place.

This drama show a love triangle between the king, the clown, and the queen. A love that transcends class and the law.

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