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The Coming One 2-
The Coming One 2 - Entertainment

Title: The Coming One 2 2018

Genre: Music

Released: 2018

Country: Chinese

明日之子 / The coming one season 2 / Son of Tomorrow Season 2 / Tomorrow's son in the second quarter / 明日之子第二季

Description :

The second season of the show focused on "Leading and Clashing is Popular", and selected the most popular music newcomers among young people. The contestants entered the competition called the "Nine Major Labels" through the three major circuits of Shengshi Beauty, Shengshi Duxiu, and Shengshi Moyin, and finally selected the "strongest label" that can lead the trend. Li Yuchun, Wu Qingfeng, and Hua Chenyu served as the track star promoters, He Jiong as the "site director", and Yang Mi as the "label star promoter". He Jiong served as the live director, and Mao Buyi served as the host of the live broadcast stage.

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