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The Case Solver (2020)-
The Case Solver (2020) - Drama

Title: The Case Solver (2020) 2020

Genre: Detective/Investigation/Mystery

Released: 2020

Country: Chinese

拆案 / Chai An / Demolition Case / Cracking Case

Description :

The play is set in the turbulent period of the Republic of China in Shanghai. In a turbulent era, the forensic doctor Che Suwei (played by Dong Xuan) and the gentleman detective Gu Yuan (played by Gu Jiacheng) are intertwined with various forces. "Deputy Inspector Kang Yichen (Su Xiaozheng), and the innocent and lively reporter Cao Qingluo (Lü Yanbei) worked together to crack out a number of weird and curious cases, and restore the truth.

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