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The Black Sheep Game (2022)-
The Black Sheep Game (2022) - Entertainment

Title: The Black Sheep Game (2022) 2022

Genre: Mystery

Released: 2022

Country: Korean

Geomeun Yang Geim

Description :

A completely new game of Mafia comes upon us. Based on life experiences, players will be appointed to be part of a small number of Black Sheep, the Mafia, or part of a large number of White Sheep, the citizen. The players will stay together in a secluded area for 4 days and 3 nights without knowing their own or others' identities. They must use their intuition and senses to determine what is right. Through a variety of missions and games, the players will try to deduct each other's identities in a series of intense mind games. The player with the most sensitive intuition will be the winner of the grand prize money. Who will become the final winner?

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