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The Big Call (Fraud Squad)-
The Big Call (Fraud Squad) - Movie

Title: The Big Call (Fraud Squad) 2017

Genre: Drama/Thriller

Released: 2017

Country: Hong Kong

Description :

With telecom fraud cases going increasingly rampant, it’s a war in the air against invisible enemy in digital network era. The Ministry of Public Security has established a special center focusing on telecom fraud crimes, criminal mastermind Ah-hai (by Hsiao-Chuan Chang) and his gang become the key target. Female SWAT team member Xu Xiaotu (by Reve Jiang) is sent as an undercover agent to penetrate into Ah-hai’s den in Thailand. They has also recruited Ding Xiaotian (by Cheney Chen), a town policeman who has come to Beijing alone for catching criminals. The center is led by Captain Tan Sirong (by Cheung Siu Fai Eddie), an experienced police officer who has cracked many telecom fraud cases before.

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