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The Big Bug (2018)-
The Big Bug (2018) - Drama

Title: The Big Bug (2018) 2018

Genre: Action/Comedy/Crime/Detective/Investigation/Romance/Suspense

Released: 2018

Country: Chinese

继承者计划 / Ji Cheng Zhe Ji Hua

Description :

Hooligan Li Jin Shui roams the streets all year long. Due to a freak combination of factors, he takes on the identity of the son of a mafia boss, Jin Ji Ji. However, Boss Jin suddenly falls ill and his eldest son Jin Ji Zai now tries to get rid of his younger brother Ji Ji, so that he can get the inheritance. Luckily, police officer Po Bu Wan is able to save Jin Shui and the two become friends. At the same time, the Dong Shun Clan wants to seize the opportunity to take over the Jin family’s business. Jin Shui thus meets the Dong Shun Clan’s leader’s daughter Ju Shan Xi and falls in love with her.

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