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The Bacchus Lady-죽여주는 여자
The Bacchus Lady - Movie

Title: 죽여주는 여자(The Bacchus Lady, Movie, 2016)

Genre: Drama/life/Mature

Released: 2016

Country: Korean

죽여주는 여자 / The Killer Woman

Description :

So Young, a "bacchus lady" (street-based sex worker in her 60s), is well known for 'doing it so well she can almost kill you' among elderly men. This is her way to make a living. She lives a hard but peaceful life with her neighbors like her transgender landlady Ti Na, poor figurine artist Do Hoon, the half Korean half Filipino boy who she met at a clinic and thoughtlessly brought home Min Ho and others. One day she learns that Song, one of her regular clients, had a stroke and when she visits him he begs her to kill him. Struggling between guilt and compassion, she finally decides to help him.

And this is how the story begins. While following the request of customers who want to stop living a hard life, So Young falls into deeper chaos.

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