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The Actress Is Too Much-여배우는 너무해
The Actress Is Too Much - Movie

Title: 여배우는 너무해(The Actress Is Too Much, Movie, 2014)

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Romance

Released: 2014

Country: Korean

여배우는 너무해 / 그녀에게 부족한 10% / Geunyeoege Boojoghan 10% / Yeobaewooneun Neomoohae / She Lacks 10% / One Thing That She Doesn't Have / One Thing That She Doesnt Have

Description :

Na Bi is a former member of an idol girl group and now an actress, but her acting is poor. Meanwhile, Hong is a movie director who studied in Poland. He is recognized as a rising star in the movie industry. He became famous for sex scenes in his films.

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