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Tenshi ni Request wo-
Tenshi ni Request wo - Drama

Title: Tenshi ni Request wo 2020

Genre: Drama/life

Released: 2020

Country: Japanese

天使にリクエストを / Request to the Angel / Request to an Angel - The Last Wish of my Life / 天使にリクエストを~人生最後の願い~

Description :

Former detective Shimada Shugo now runs a private detective agency, with the help of his assistant Kojima Akari. Recent cases have been pretty routine, until he receives an intriguing request from a seemingly wealthy older woman. While hospitalized, his client met fellow patient, Omatsu Mickie, who is terminally ill. Time is not on her side. Her dying wish is to be taken to a place special to her. Can Shugo get Mickie there before the clock expires?

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