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Tears of Love-
Tears of Love - Drama

Title: Tears of Love 2013

Genre: Family/Historical/Romance

Released: 2013

Country: Chinese

Tears Woman Flower / Tears of Woman Flower / Tears and Splendid Woman Flower / 泪洒女人花

Description :

Yang Suyun, a woman from a poor background, and Tang Shuhan, a young master, fall in love but are forced apart only for Yang Suyun to learn she is pregnant with their child. She decides to raise their child alone, but her lover secretly manages to escape his family especially his mother Chen Mangqing's incessant refusal to acknowledge him and his love for Suyun and the two live together as a couple in poverty. Suyun is illiterate but works hard to support her husband's painting career despite his lack of talent. Meanwhile someone else attempts to tear them apart but the couple's undying love prevails.

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